Friday, June 7, 2013

Jun 07, 2013 - Last minute stuff

Yesterday's trial run was very satisfactory, the bike handled well and the small bit of added weight [camping gear] had no ill effect. Maybe I'll tempt fate and take my smallest coffee pot & propane stove along... Not! I know if I did that the next thing would be the little cooking pot kit, plate, cup, etc, etc, and I'd end up bloated to the gills. Forget that, they sell coffee everywhere. including at the Golden Arches.

The only mechanical complaint I have is the side stand is a bit long due to the lowering job I did a few months ago. That effectively lengthened the side stand which means I have to choose parking spots with at least a neutral level and at best those with a slight slope away from the bike. I didn't have it shortened at the time of conversion as I wanted to make sure I liked the lowered version. I'll have it done as soon as I'm at a welding shop.

The last item concerns my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS. I recently opted for their "nu Maps Forever" product which allows you to download all the latest maps 3 times per year for just the initial cost of $89.95. At the same time I installed an 8-GB SD card that would hold all of the North America maps plus my music library. 

It seemed to go well enough but in actual use the beastly GPS can't seem to recognize the new SD card and continues to address the internal memory WHICH IS FULL! I contacted Garmin but of course that's a bit like contacting the Navy about your son who wears one of those cute little white hats. Their standard response was someone would get back to me in 3 or 4 days. Perfect!

The really bad part is I suspect my maps only cover the western region of the USA and not the eastern areas. I definitely need to get that fixed before leaving, otherwise my trip might take on an entirely new level of adventure... Like not being able to listen to my new Gene Autry album. Bummer!

Riley's all packed and ready to go...boy does he get ticked when he has to stay home.

Is this another Film at Eleven?


Jun 08 Postscript - Yesterday afternoon I waited for 30-mins on hold at Garmin's tech support; finally gave it up. My GPS still doesn't recognize the new 4-gig SD card so I deleted 25 megs of MP3 files and replaced them with Gene Autry's Greatest Hits. Smile.... 

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