Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jun 11, 2013 – Day 01 Garibaldi, OR

Day one on any ride is always weird, things get messed up, I forget stuff, turn the wrong direction, wave at cops [never, ever do that!] but eventually I get where I’m going. That’s really not so difficult as I usually don’t have a firm destination.
Are you ready Roy?

What the hell Izzat? Always something…

Beginning odometer mileage
Off we go….man that looks like a fat butt
Today I rode north to Coos Bay where I met up with some friends for an impromptu parking lot barbeque lunch after which we were to attend a WWII War Birds show at the local airport. That all went well enough as the following pics will show.
On the way in I shot a few pics of the marshy tidal areas south of Coos Bay. What I was really trying to do was get a picture of a white egret but he saw me watching him and hid out in some bushes. So much for my wildlife photography skills.

A little further on I caught sight of a couple of buds riding in on another road. I’d never tried shooting pics while riding and was surprised they came out.

This was our luncheon location. Parking lot food furnished by one of our local pub owners; I had the beef brisket with coleslaw, very tasty faire.

This ain’t the road kill cafe, izzit?

My lunch was super!

Wuzzat Ron, you step onna duck or sumpin?

Hail Mary full of…uh…ummm

How’d that go again..?                               I dunno man....
After lunch we headed to the airport for a look-see at the WWII bomber-fighter-flying machines. Turned out there were only three of them and admission was $12.00. Some of the guys opted for it but Jerry and I being of sound mind and also cheap bastards decided to pass. Hey, we’d rather put the money in our gas tanks and ride more.

Twelve Bucks!! I don’t think so. Not today anyway.

Free peeks thru the fence. Frugality wins big!

Cool hot rod out front of the hangers. Extreme low-rider

Full custom interior lacks nothing

Racy wire wheels make for fast get-a-ways

North of Coos Bay I stopped for a photo op, old railroad bridge

I’d nearly forgotten how much fun riding in loose gravel is. Especially hills.

What’s with this?

I double-dog dare ya!

Florence is supposed to be one of the best cities in the USA to live in.
Moving right along...just north of Lincoln City it started to rain lightly. This had two immediate effects on me: One, I needed to change into my rain gear and two, I suddenly had to pee. No other way to say that so I took the first likely looking abandoned road. Well..sort of abandoned if you don't mind the occasional house.

Here’s a likely looking spot

Privacy was fair unless you don’t like being eyeballed by a rogue Lama lurking in the bushes. If you look closely you can see him in the center of the picture. At least he didn’t bark or whatever it is they do. Hiss I think.

Once ensconced in my rain gear and suitably refreshed I again rode north. I arrived in Garibaldi around 5:00pm and figured I might as well call it a day. There were a couple of decent looking motels so I grabbed a room at the Garibaldi House and promptly blew my travel budget out of the water.
It’s a really nice place and they served snacks like popcorn, cheese and crackers, and animal cookies. Chocolate animal cookies…. And right across the road there’s a nice little store where they sell really cold beer in very large bottles….
Manly food fit for manly men…
Tomorrow I may wear my rain gear from the get-go if it’s still cloudy out. Red Girl ran smooth as a sewing machine all day long, never a bad moment. I think she’s getting close to 60 mpg which is pretty good considering how I ride. Anyway that’s day one for you.

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