Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jun 14, 2013 – Day 04 Wherein I learn to deal with Sunshine

This morning was cloudy overcast and knowing full-well what that probably meant I donned my entire outfit of rain gear, including the Knox Cold Killer hood. That hood is very re-mindful of the ones you see in movies where there’s an ax-man lopping off heads. Kind of grisly looking but the thing really works at keeping the cold at bay, probably has something to do with all the high-tech materials it’s made of.

Anyway I smoked off down the highway cruising along at 70 mph and smiling whenever I spotted a state trooper. They’ll generally ignore you if you’re doing no more than 6 mph over the posted limit so I tend to observe that. The weather continued to be cloudy and no rain occurred which I was thankful for.

Boy oh boy do I love sunshine!

I took my usual route home via the Drain exit and by the time I reached Scottsburg the sun had been in full bloom for quite awhile. Pulling over I called Linda to see what it was like at home and she said it was sunny and beautiful. Yippee! I could take my cumbersome gear off and get comfortable for the rest of the ride. 

I arrived home around 11:30 am and had no sooner unloaded my gear when I got a call from Chuck Bruce asking if I was up for a short ride, maybe go get a hamburger? And the answer was…yah, sure, you betcha! Only this time I left Red Girl home and rode Red Dog.

Here's the odometer showing the ending mileage, a pitiful 1136 miles overall. That's not much of a showing for a 4-day ride, probably the least I've done so far. Bummer! I hope I can squeeze in a longer one when the weather gets better.

That'll have to do it for now though, sometimes you just have to fall back and regroup. 


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