Friday, June 8, 2012

May 27, 2012 - Ride to Cape Blanco & what's left of Sixes

I love living here on the Oregon coast, for me it’s the perfect retirement spot. I seem to find myself visiting the same places without ever growing tired of them. 

Take Cape Blanco for instance, it’s the western-most point of the lower 48 and there’s a lovely state park located there. Along with that the Cape Blanco lighthouse is open for tourist visits several months out of the year, always an interesting spot to visit and only 20 miles south of my home.

Today I rode down for a look to see what was up and met a great lady hostess at the entry to the light house. She and her husband are from the Denver area but spend a lot of their time working as volunteers in Oregon State Parks System. They live in their 5th-wheel RV and stay at various sites for a few weeks, then move on to their next assignment. Not a bad lifestyle for retirees. 

On the way home I stopped off to have a look at the little settlement of Sixes. Nearly abandoned it still has an active post office next to the old gas station that’s now out of business. 

Just down the road a hundred yards or so the old Sixes Grange has been recycled as a “Market Place” offering hand crafted items made of driftwood and antiques, and oh by the way, Bingo. Bingo....eww...

So that’s it for now kiddies, another exciting rambling ride through the local scenic countryside around my stomping grounds. Today’s ride is a done deal, time to head home, see ya later.